In-house capability to design the manufacturing process is the key strength at Mother India. The selection of right machine, material, tools and manpower takes the products manufactured closer and sometimes even exceeding customers expectations.


Practical experience backed with reliable state-of-the-art software technologies used at MI group has been reducing the challenges during manufacturing. The hard learnt Know-How with limited resources is making the group stronger.


Steel that are hot rolled, cold rolled, pregalvanised with higher yield strengths are regularly converted right from flat component upto fabricated custom shaped bent tubular components.


Manufacturing capacity scheduling has allowed every department at Mother India to be prepared well in advance and act on the expected delivery. By default tubular components and open profiles are marked with batch numbers for easy tracability.

Process Control

Continuous improvement through continuous education, training and cross-functional training of the skilled and unskilled manufacturing team has developed ability to quickly identify any undesired observations in process and fix it.


5S and APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) as a part of continuous education has created realistic check points at Mother India to ensure manufacturing happens as per the order acceptance. Our Field Quality Engineers voluantarily visit customer


Mother India strongly believe in growing the customers. Material saved is money earned. The Cut-to-length product supplies especially to bus manufactuing and furniture industry has made our customers more competitive in terms of product value and turn-around time.


Facilities of 5-axis bending capability with in the MI group adds value to the standard and custom shaped tubes with acceptable bending quality. Our customers have access to 14m long single tube bent components with multiple radius.


Those customers who wish to have a customied component and still wish to buy it as an off-the-shelve products have the choice to stretch their order upto fabricating it. MI group has facility to take up value addition allowing the customers to concentrate on their business.